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Spinia Casino: Biggest scam casino

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  1. Biggest scam casino there is.After you win money, they will ask you to upload all your personal information like pictures of your credit card, driving licence , address prove and more.
    After providing that all, you can cash out but thats not going to happen because then you’ll receive an email that you broke a rule like placing too hige bets or whatever they make up this time.

    No money will be transported to your bank and the balance in your account will be gone.

    Also they have all your personal information.

    Placing reviews is difficult so i hope i can warn you guys this way and better find another online casino. This is only for spending your money. Not winning for real.


  1. gokportaal

    Hi Pascal,

    Thanks for your review. Bad to hear that you think Spinia Casino is scamming u. How much money do they need to payout? We will send this to our contact at Spinia Casino and let u know.


    TEAM NOGP.net

    • gokportaal

      Please let us know when this happened and if u can: share us screenshots so we can help you further.

      • Guido

        To me happend the same i can deposit what i want i want to make 1 withdraw and excactly the same happens to me all information and pictures are asked and at the end they come with an excuse of an duplicated player that has to verify aswell before i can withdraw because i used muliple ip adresses (wifi) this is a big scam site!
        Greetings guido

      • Laura

        Spinia is the biggest scam casino ever! I won 500 euro and they dont pay me out. I have uploaded all the documents and copies and photos they want and they still don’t Pay me out. Can anyone help me out with This Please?

    • Pascal

      The amount they needed to pay me was 450 euro.
      I played on spinia more often and this time they gave me a free 20 spins.
      After a few hours of playing max bet 3 euro on different machines, i almost had wagened the 700 euro that i needed to have for cashing out.
      I decided to play some roulette.
      Apparently betting a few times 2 earo wasn’t allowed.
      After i got 450 euro in total and wagened the 700 euro, i was allowed to cash out.
      The cashing out was cancelled. They asked me to provide all kind of personal information like pictures of my credit card, bank card, driving licence, letters from my bank, i was allowed to pay out again.
      Then all the sudden they sended me an email that the full amount was taken away from me because i had played a too high bet on roulette.
      So there was no money in the bank and not on my game balance anymore.
      The support was really rude and there was no discussion possible.

      • gokportaal

        Hi Pascal,

        We have send your issue to our contact of Spinia Casino. We’ll update when we got more information.

        Team NOGP.net

        • Jordy

          I played and want to cash out 3100 euro I have send them everything the want now the say some 1 whas playing on my wifi and if he don’t verify his acount I get nothing what has his acound to do with my acount???

      • Spinia Casino

        Dear Pascal,

        The verification process is mandatory process due to security and MGA.
        Your personal data is secured and will not be shared with third party.
        Your sensitive data is secured due to pur Privacy Policy.
        However, there are Bomus Terms and Conditions. which can be found by the link:
        https://www.spinia.com/promotions > BONUS TERMS AND CONDITIONS:
        1b. When the bonus is active, your bet can’t exceed 300 RUB / 5 EUR / 5 USD / 50 NOK / 6.5 CAD / 6.5 NZD / 20 PLN (unless stated otherwise for some special bonuses).

        You have exceeded maximum allowed bet playing with the active bonus, due to that fact your winnings were confiscated.

        We can provide you with your gambling history of your bonus wagering after the email request to our support team (support@spinia.com)

    • Tariq

      Ik ben ook opgelicht door spinia ik moest gekd krijgen eindstand was uren bezig met documenten uploaden toen ze zagen dat ze niks meer hadden om te vragen moest ik opeens een zelfde sturen en niemand reageert op e-mails of iets

    • Abdelhakim

      I have make a account at spinia and played there for a month or so,i have won a amount of money and now it seems like i dont get payed out. Can you help me out

  2. GoHagg

    This Spinia . , is big scam website i think,

    There are not able to verify my documents, , and so I have to close and open new one. and I deposited some and withdraw in losses, and they refused to give my deposited money. This people are SCAMMM,

    Please i advise never and no one play here, and the automated machines also, mostly manipulated i guess.

    • gokportaal

      Hi GoHagg,

      I have opened a new post for this matter. U can follow it here: https://nogp.net/user-review/spinia-casino-scam/

    • Flip Bosma

      Dear readers,

      I did encounter a simular problem that i’ve read on this site.
      Mine occurred today and in really worried about this outcome.
      After trying to get all my documents approved which took weeks i finally seemed to have all the aprovement i needed to actually
      get a working withdrawel going. So i did yesterday evening 2 times an amount of 500 euro’s to my private bank account.
      This morning i received a mail that said that i did not follow the rules (bonusses) and they simply took 10.000 euro from my account
      and the requested withdraw didn’t go trough either. I contacted the online live chat and mailed the financial department of spinia with no succes. so my remaining money is still unreachable and still missing 10.000 euro’s just vanished into thin air.
      I hope anyone here can help me solve this issue.

      Kind regards,

      F. Bosma

      • gokportaal

        Dear Bosma,

        To make an effort to resolve your case, we would like to ask you to open a topic in our complaints forum. You can file a complaint here in Dutch and here in English. Thanks in advance.

  3. Gohaag

    Thanks, but it’s not matter as there rules are subjective to stealing and scamming people, if casinos care of duplicates they don’t let any duplicates to deposit any kind of funds, they do on purpose as the intention is to SCAMM

    • Lisa

      The exact same thing happened to me me today I deposited €400 ended up with €1004 took me 7 attempts to get my docs verified when they where verified I was told I broke the terms because I wa# betting over €5 even though mostly I. Was betting €4 I questioned why I was not told this when I was try to get my docs verified and was told it was a different issue they left €200 in my account and took back the rest and have all my details

      • gokportaal

        Hi Lisa,

        Thank you for your message. We have indeed received several complaints about this. I would like to ask you to post your complaint on our casino forum so that we can submit it to our contact person at Spinia. Perhaps we can come to a solution. You can submit your complaint here (Dutch) or (English)

        Don’t forget to add as much information as possible, screenshots, player account etc etc.

        Kind regards,
        Team NOGP.net

  4. Alexandru Stoica


    Same problem. They confiscated from me 1500 Euros yesterday. Because of duplicate account, etc. I had closed my previous account back, therefore opened a new one. What basically bothers me is that I can deposit as much as I want, nobody cares. But to cash out – impossible. A scam casino – please avoid.

  5. Gir

    I have the same sorts of issues with spinia casino
    In my case is the amount €6000. And they are rejecting my documents without reason
    When I chat live support the guy cold Anorld was very rude and not helpful at all. He just broke our conversation. I am still waiting for the approval for my withdrawal. And after reading here comments my heart is beating crazy. I am afraid they will steal my €6000,- also
    Please help anyone

    • gokportaal

      Hi Gir,

      Thanks for your review. We would like to transfer this matter to our contact person at Spinia. For this it is necessary to open a new ticket by clicking on the link below.

      Do not forget to provide us with detailed information such as:

      – Your Spinia username
      – The reason why the documents are rejected
      – Any communication you have had with Spinia’s customer service.

  6. kevinhi

    I just woke up to the email that Spinia took almost 8k in winnings.
    Same story as described above.
    What can i do?

    • gokportaal

      Beste Kevin,

      Bedankt voor uw klacht. Om uw dossier neer te leggen bij onze contactpersoon van Spinia willen wij u graag vragen uw klacht officieel in te dienen op onze klachten forum. Deze kunt u hier vinden: https://nogp.net/nogp-community/klachten/.

      Vergeet hierbij niet uw spelersaccount en datum van voorval te vermelden, screenshots en ander bewijsmateriaal toe te voegen. Ook willen wij u vragen om uw klacht zo uitgebreid mogelijk te formuleren zodat u sneller geholpen kunt worden door onze contactpersoon.

      Wij hebben al verschillende klachten opgelost en hopen uiteraard die van u ook op te kunnen lossen.

      Wij zien uw klacht graag op ons forum en hopen u snel verder te kunnen helpen.

  7. Martijn

    Ik heb gister geld gewonnen op spinia casino.
    Nou wil ik het uitbetalen en heb alle documenten toegevoegd en die zijn goed gekeurd. Nou krijg ik een mail dat er nog een account op het zelfde ip adres zit maar dat kan helemaal niet. En ik weet zeker dat er geen anders account is. Ik heb het gevoel dat ze me oplichten. Wat kan ik hieraan doen??

    • gokportaal

      Beste Martijn,

      Bedankt voor uw klacht. Om uw dossier neer te leggen bij onze contactpersoon van Spinia willen wij u graag vragen uw klacht officieel in te dienen op onze klachten forum. Deze kunt u hier vinden: https://nogp.net/nogp-community/klachten/.

      Vergeet hierbij niet uw spelersaccount en datum van voorval te vermelden, screenshots en ander bewijsmateriaal toe te voegen. Ook willen wij u vragen om uw klacht zo uitgebreid mogelijk te formuleren zodat u sneller geholpen kunt worden door onze contactpersoon.

      Wij hebben al verschillende klachten opgelost en hopen uiteraard die van u ook op te kunnen lossen.

      Wij zien uw klacht graag op ons forum en hopen u snel verder te kunnen helpen.

  8. ronald van vulpen

    ze komen hun bonusvoorwaarden ook niet na . en de on line helpdesk is ook bijzonder onvriendelijk. ik raad de site bij niemand aan

  9. Joops


    I’m new to Spinia. I have played a couple deposits. All was accepted. And now I won 1500 euro’s and they have revoked all winnings because apparently they have a rule that you can’t bet above 5. ANd i did a couple of bets of 6 euro’s.

    I feel they stole the money I won in a scammy way. I never knew such a rule existed and they don’t prevent you from setting those bets in any way…. If you lose they are happy to take… And then you win… they take all away.

    I feel this casino is scammy and I don’t recommend it to anyone

    • Joops

      I got the bet history from this casino and I would like to add that there where 6 bets in there, of 6 euro’s (I now noticed that most casino’s have a 6 euro boundary ). One of those bets was a win.

      I never never touched the bonus funds that where added to my account.

      I also want to add that the casino has no trouble accepting bets if they result in a loss.

      I feel like this casino scammed and stole winnings from me and they didnt warn enough about this rule. The bonus is added very simple. No warning comes up about a “max” betting rule. Also the casino has no technical limits on it.

      Its a simple trap for new customers. They basically just find an easy way to conviscate winnings. I feel this casino is fishy and should be closed for business. Also next to that. The bets go up, 1, 2 4 and 6 euro’s… You have to do a bit of trickery to hit the 5 max.

      Everything in this casino is set to fall in the trap.

      I did about 890 bets. 6 of them where 6 euro’s instead of the apparent maximum of 5.

      I’m furious and this is stupid. There should be done more to help customers in their knowledge of rules instead of just hide them somwhere on a linked page on the website.

      All, don’t play there. They will do everything to receive donations and stop giving back.

    • Stratos

      Ik heb inmiddels al 6 documenten geupload maar ze komen telkens met een nieuwe smoes waarom mijn cashout word geweigerd war kan ik hier aan doen?

      • gokportaal

        Hi Stratos,

        Wat zijn de redenen dat uw documenten en/of uitbetalingen niet worden goedgekeurd?


  10. Jor (JMW Financial Services)

    Beste Gokportaal,

    Afgelopen woensdag heb ik eindelijk een mooi bedrag te hebben gewonnen na EUR 5,5k te hebben gestort. Het uit te betalen bedrag is EUR 46k. Ik ben hier ontzettend blij om, echter heb ik ontzettend veel moeite met het uit laten betalen van het bedrag. Het is namelijk zo dat ik max. EUR 4k per dag met een max van EUR 10k per week en max EUR 40k per maand kan laten uitbetalen. Dit is niet zo zeer het probleem. In het verleden (maand geleden) heb ik tevens een bedrag ad EUR 1.700 euro gewonnen en dat is binnen 2 uur overgemaakt. 1.5 maand geleden heb ik EUR 3.400 gewonnen en in principe zonder veel moeite (documenten uploads) gestort gekregen.

    Op dit moment ben ik ontzettend veel documenten (in JPEG format) aan het opsturen onder de beoordeling van : Source of Income. Ik kan me best voorstellen dat wordt gecheckt of mijn inkomsten niet uit illegale bronnen is verkregen (wat niet zo is).
    Spinia vraagt mij meerdere malen om een “payslip from work”. Ik heb geprobeerd aan te geven via live chat en email dat ik ZZP-er ben en interim finance opdrachten doe en dus mijn inkomen vergaar via facturen.

    Dus op dit moment heb ik onderstaande documenten geüpload:

    – Invoices last 3 months
    – Agreement with employer
    – Chamber of Commerce letter
    – Company Bank Statement last 3 month (with deposits of the invoices)
    – income Statement of last 3 years (from my accountant)

    Ik heb geen gebruik gemaakt van bonussen of teveel inzetten, duplicate accounts of iets dergelijks.

    Ik begrijp niet waarom mijn documentatie niet door de betreffende afdeling als correct wordt beoordeeld waarbij gauw kan worden overgegaan tot uitbetaling. Inkomen kan uit meerdere bronnen worden vergaard, via payroll maar ook zeker via opdrachten (eigen bedrijf).

    Ik hoop dat jullie mij kunnen helpen in deze, want ik sta echt op het punt om legal steps te nemen modat het bedrag EUR 46k meer dan de moeite waard is.

    Groet en dank,

    • gokportaal

      Hi Jor,

      Bedankt voor de ontzettend duidelijke klacht. Hier kunnen we zeker wat mee en ik ga de klacht direct neerleggen bij onze contactpersoon. Wanneer ik aanvullende informatie nodig heb zal ik dat laten weten maar ik verwacht het niet.

      Btw: mooi bedrag hier gaan we ons best voor doen.

      Met vriendelijke groet
      Team NOGP

  11. Svetoslav Stefanov Mihaylov

    This is a complete scam. They have stolen 3000 euro from me in winnings , which I tried to withdraw and over 1000 euro in deposits. They asked me to provide documents for verification upon my withdrawal request , which I did. After a few hours the request was cancelled and my account was reset . After I contacted the support they explained me that my account was closed and all the winnings taken , because upon their verification proccess they have found that I have a duplicate account (which I don’t ) . This is an easy way to steal money from people – while you deposit thousands of euros – no problem , if you want to withdraw – you have a duplicate account , bye bye .
    I am taking legal action against this casino , so if you are one of the scammed people – please contact me . I am planning to make a collective case against this company with all the people scammed by it

  12. Zarrie

    Yes me to! I had 500 cash out en then i send all my documents! I had een wrong name in My profile. (Mistake)Spinia blokked my acount! Bye 500


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