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      Adrian Maciaszek

      Was playing with 10$ deposit on PH Casino and managed to win over 800$ on there slot games, theyre exclusive one gave me 400$ on a 25c bet in a free spins session of 40 spins, i was overjoyed, im not boasting just happy to have won some money to shop online while stuck at home during this nightmare
      the support team there are still working through some away from families as they are actually chatty aswell which is nice when your being isolated from everyone

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      Hi Adrian,

      Nice to hear ou have won a nice amount during lockdown. Always nice to have :). Don’t bet again and buy something nice from it!

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      Hey !!!, which casino do you use? any reference? I’m new and I would like to win something by betting

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      Thankss!!!! I’ve played slot games and the like, (usually doesn’t go so well for me), but I hope to gain more experience on this.And isn’t there one for E-sports or Soccer?

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      Hi, you use accredited online casinos of this page, i use Mr.Favorit. or use, betrebels, for sports are good choie betrebels

Weergave van 4 geneste reacties
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