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      Baseball is a sport with long roots and is very popular in many countries around the world such as the US, Canada or Japan. In order to help you better understand this sport, today we W88au would like to share with you some basic knowledge and guidelines of baseball betting.

      How to read MLB match odds

      If you are learning how to bet on the MLB, the most important first step is to learn how to read and measure MLB odds at W88au. In sports betting, whether it is baseball, hockey, basketball betting or football betting, the winning or losing line involves you choosing a team to win the game. The Moneyline odds in your favorite online sports betting are as follows:

      Boston Red Sox -200
      Chicago White Sox +170

      In this case, Boston is the most popular, and Chicago is the loser. Favorites are always displayed with a minus sign (-), and dogs are displayed with a plus sign (+). Another thing to note is the odds style.

      We use American odds, but you can choose decimal (1.20) or fractional (1/5) odds. Generally, sports bettors in Europe and Australia use decimals, players in the UK use points, and players in the Americas tend to use odds of the same name.

      If you plan to bet $100 on Red Sox, you will receive a bonus of $150-your original funds will be refunded along with your $50 bonus. Conversely, if you plan to gamble on the White Sox, you will get $270—your $100 plus your $170 loot. To see how much you will win based on the odds and bet amount, please check our odds calculator.

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