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Mason Slots Casino – Join a Secret Gaming Society Today

Mason Slots Casino – Join a Secret Gaming Society Today

We all love a secret. In a way, it makes us unique, or at least, we feel like we are, knowing something that others don’t. Secrets are cool. What’s cooler is being a part of a group that no one knows exists. It is all so mysterious, which is why rumors about secret societies have flourished throughout history. A group of a few that lurk in the shadows, making moves that affect us all.

No secret organization has gotten quite as much notoriety as the Free Masons. However, we cannot say they are secretive if we’re talking about them. Nonetheless, we can trace back their origins to the local fraternities of stonemasons at the end of the 14th century. Today, they are a part of pop culture and even a theme for an online casino. Enter – Mason Slots.

When you think about it, it is quite a clever combo. Most online casinos feature repetitive themes and designs. Thus, this is something new, that goes off the beaten path. Let’s dive in, look around, and see if this is one online gambling society that you should join. We are pretty sure that you won’t get a cloak, but you may get a few generous perks on your way to a few big wins.

Let’s explore Mason Slots, and learn if the platform is worthy enough for you to become its member.

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Rise Through the Secret Societal Hierarchy

Right off the bat, the site makes clever use of its theme by incorporating a 20-ranks hierarchy, which you can advance through by playing slots. You get points, prizes, and climb the ladder as you move from Treasurer, to Young StoneMason, to Faithful Citizen, all the way up to Master of Power, and an Honorable Master. In between, you can be a mayor, an advisor, even an admiral.

Each fun title comes with its fun prizes. These include free spins, cash prizes, cashback deals, deposit bonuses, and high-tech gadgets.

Though the casino may amend or rescind this structure at any time, and should there be any indication that you are utilizing any strategy that Mason Slots sees as fraudulent, it will annul the offer, and you will lose your prizes.

If you do not want to receive a prize, you can get a cash equivalent in your account as a substitution.

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Become a VIP and Claim the Highest-Level Ring

Now, if you thought the structure explained above was a VIP program, you were wrong. The site has a dedicated loyalty program that has four tiers, where you can advance from the Brave Baron Level to the Diamond Ring level. In-between, you can reach the Gray Cardinal level and the Judge of the World Level and obtain the Silver and Gold rings, respectively. You have to love those names.

When inside the Mason Slots VIP program, you can get gifts on your birthday, monthly cashback deals based on your real money gaming activity for that calendar month, as well as exclusive bonuses.

Know that the Diamond Ring level is invitation-only. The site will make a decision, when they deem you fit, to enter their inner circle.

There are also special events, parties, for specific VIP clients that will receive a personal invitation from the VIP manager to attend such an event. Inside, they can read the details on what will happen at said event, the perks they may get their hands on, and what kind of entertainment awaits.

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Win a Jackpot and Become a Real Freemason

Playing pretend like you are in a secret society is swell, but it’s not the real thing. They don’t let just anyone inside. Though, money gets you access to connections that may hook you up and get you in one of these groups. Which one? Well, they’re secret, so we don’t know, hopefully, a good one.

But how do you get rich fast? One option is playing one of 221 jackpots slots available at Mason Slots casino. You read that correctly. There are 221 of these games. Trust us. We went through all of them. NetEnt, Micrograming, Play’n GO, Pragmatic, Quickspin, and many more providers have progressive games here.

If you sort them by popularity, the ones with the highest prizes should rise to the top. If you do so, you’ll see that Mega Moolah is closing in on a jackpot prize of $14 million. That surely has to be enough to get you in one of these groups, where you can mingle, network, and have opportunities to grow your wealth now that you’re one of the team.

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Chat With Other Freemasons at a Live Table

If you have managed to sneak in and are now a member of whatever society you managed to get with, you can converse in code at one of many live tables at Mason Slots. The platform is home to numerous games from Evolution Gaming and NetEnt Live. It has blackjack tables, roulette, and baccarat ones, as well as many of their variations, in different languages.

While sitting at one of these tables, you can go after big wins while discussing important matters in the chat room with your secret brothers in your secretive tongue. All this in broad daylight, but in a way, away from prying eyes.

You can also play many game-show games like the very popular Crazy Time, or some of Evolution’s Lightning series, Roulette, or Dice.

If on someday you are tired of human interaction and crave playing or your enjoyment, or as an attempt to line your pockets, you can check out one of many RNG tables. They add speed to the game, as you do not have to wait for other players, and the software doesn’t talk back and hold up the game.

If you don’t see anything below, you are not eligible for Mason Slots Welcome Bonus.

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