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Cookie Casino, Where Variety Is King

Cookie Casino, Where Variety Is King

Have you ever heard the saying – too much of anything is good for nothing? If you have, you probably know the more popular phrase – too much of a good thing, also. Meaning that anything in large quantities can be harmful or excessive. Though, does this apply when it comes to variety?

Is there such a thing as too much choice? Well, psychology says that variety is not only good, but it’s super-important. Too many options can get overwhelming, but people want to have more than a few. This way they can pick out and try something that might hit their sweet spot.

This is exactly what Cookie Casino has aimed to accomplish, and has succeeded in. There is no online casino that offers so many alternatives in so many areas. Sure, you might find one that beats it in one, but overall, others can’t compete. Cookie Casino offers variety in every department, with just enough alternatives everywhere to keep you engaged, motivated to experience new things, and to keep boredom away.

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Too Many Games, Too Little Time

People visit online casinos to get entertainment and riches by playing games. If a person is a newbie and not sure where to start, we really can’t help here, because there are so many great choices at Cookie Casino that we could devote a whole article covering the topic and get through less than 5%.

This is why if you don’t know where to begin, Cookie has organized its massive game catalog in the following categories:

  • Slots
  • Popular
  • New Games
  • Bonus buy
  • Jackpots
  • Live
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Providers

If you know what you like and what you’re looking for, don’t waste time browsing, just use the search option. Type in the name of the game and it will instantly pop up. But if you’re into reviewing all possible alternatives, then set some time aside, as there’s a sea of choices to lose yourself in.

What’s terrific too, is that Cookie Casino provides info pages for most table games, where you can learn the rules, variants, promotions, and find answers to all your questions in the specific game’s FAQ section.

Cookie offers education in a variety of ways so that its customers can make smart choices.

Promotions Galore

Who doesn’t want treats and rewards? And, who doesn’t want them regularly and in all kinds of different ways? No one. We all want pampering and to feel appreciated. Which is why Cookie Casino has gone out of its way to make all its customers feel welcomed and valued by supplying them with promotions such as:

  • A First Deposit Bonus
  • A Second Deposit Bonus
  • Tuesday Free Spins
  • A Sunday Reload
  • A VIP Program With Loyalty Bonuses

The last one is interested in that it’s not your standard program. No, Cookie Casino rewards you with a point every time you play for real money. For every $/€12.50 you bet, you get one CP. These can be later exchanged for real money. And the VIP has 30 levels. So, there’s a whole wide array of rewards that await.

CookieCasino Reload: 50% up to $/€100 + 50 free spins 50% up to $/€100 + 50 free spins
CookieCasino Reload: 50% up to $/€100 + 50 free spins
Reload Bonus
Every Sunday at CookieCasino you can take advantage of a Reload Bonus of 50% up to $/€100 and 50 free spins on the Honey Honey Honey slot. Use the code below and make a deposit of at least $/€20 to redeem the bonus.

T&C Apply

Many Ways to Get Money in Your Pocket, Quick

In the era we live in, convenience is king. And, convenience depends on diversity and speed. Well, Cookie casino has both in spades when it comes to handling your money. If you need to take out your money, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the method that works best for you, as there are 11 on deck to choose from. They are:

We talked about speed. So, how fast does instant sound? That’s right, for all e-wallet transfers the funds will leave your casino account and be in your e-wallet, instantly, or up to one hour at the maximum. Even the withdrawal times for credit cards are faster than other platforms. In 1-3 days, you’ll have your money, guaranteed.

Cookie Casinos  VIP Island

Cookie Casinos VIP Island

Cookie casino promises variety and speed, and as you can see, it delivers.

Competition Is Healthy and Tournaments Are Fun

Competition is a social process, it embodies play, inspires creativity, fosters cooperation, is exciting, and it develops emotional control. It provides feedback that we can evaluate, learn, and grow from. When it comes to playing online casino games, we can even grow our riches by partaking in competition, tournaments to be exact.

If this is something you like, Cookie Casino has you covered. It currently offers three types of tournaments:

  • Grand Joust
  • Red and Black
  • Regular Lottery

All three are very different and are loads of fun. They come with their own rules, prize pools, and scoreboards. It’s a nice ego boost to see your name at the top of any list, let alone knowing that you not only beat others to get there but you got real money for doing so. And, you probably upgraded to a new level in Cookie’s fantastic 30-tier VIP program. Thus, making you eligible for more prizes.

It’s a great way to break up the monotony and add a new flavor to the mix. Diversifying your gambling experience.

CookieCasino: Total Package: $/€200 + 220 free spins $/€200 + 220 free spins
CookieCasino: Total Package: $/€200 + 220 free spins
Deposit bonusSecond depositWelcomebonus
Open an account at Cookie Casino today and claim a total welcome package worth $/€200 + 220 free spins split in two deposits:
    • First deposit: 100% up to $/€100 plus 120 free spins on the Book of Dead slot - Code: CAKE
    • Second deposit: 50% up to $/€100 plus 100 free spins on the Legacy of Dead slot - Code: SWEET
T&C Apply

If you know what you want, great. Cookie Casino is the place for you. If you don’t know what you want. Great. Cookie Casino is the place for you, as it will help you find out what you want.

Sticking to what you know and love can be satisfying and comforting. But, adventure is what’s needed in life. New experiences help us develop and advance, and they bring new joys in our lives. Trying something novel can be life-changing because you don’t know what you fancy until you’ve given everything a shot.

Cookie Casino provides its customers the opportunity to test out and locate what tickle’s their fancy when it comes to online gaming, all in one place. You don’t need to stray from Cookie, as with so much variety on offer, you’ll definitely find what you need.

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