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What are Pay N Play Casinos and how does it work?

Pay N Play Casino

Pay N Play Casinos: a new phenomenon in the online casino world and currently very popular in Sweden and Finland. Pay N Play is a product of the online payment service Trustly and gives players the possibility to gamble on the internet without creating an account. But how does it work and where can you find the Pay N Play Casinos? You can read it in this article. At the end of this article you will find our accredited Pay N Play Casinos.

How does Trustly’s Pay N Play work?

Pay N Play is best compared to Sofort and iDeal (if you know this), only you skip the entire registration process. As soon as you come to the website of a Pay N Play Casino you can deposit money directly through your bank. Once you are logged in, Trustly will link the details to the online casino through your bankID. The casino then has all the information to verify your identity, so that you no longer have to do the time-consuming verification process.

Pronto Casino homepage

A screenshot of Pronto Casino: one of the few Pay N Play Casinos at the moment.

Once you have made a deposit and want to stop playing for a while, you can. The next time you go back to the casino, you can log in to your account again by verifying yourself through your bank account. Your casino balance is now linked to your bank account. With the Pay N Play Casinos you save a lot of time and you skip the usually difficult and time-consuming verification process. Below we have placed the steps of Trustly’s Pay N Play so that it is clear to you how it works:

  1. You make a deposit via the Pay N Play system from Trustly.
  2. Pay N Play transmits your personal information to the online casino via a secure environment through your bankID.
  3. In the background a casino account is created for you that is immediately verified (age check, name and identification etc).
  4. Once you have collected a nice sum of money and want to make a withdrawal, you do not have to wait for this, the withdrawals are instant
  5. If you want to play again later, you can do this by verifying through your bank account. The balance that you have remains linked to your bank account.

Pay N Play Casinos.

Do you also want to save a huge amount of time? Then choose a Pay N Play Casino. To help you make your choice, we have placed our top accredited Pay N Play Casinos below. The casinos that you see in the list have been extensively tested by our casino experts. So you can start gambling with confidence. Pronto Casino is one of the best Pay N Play Casinos. Below you will find a list of our accredited casinos that use the Pay N Play system.

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