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NOGP investigates malicious practices Gaming Innovation Group Ltd.

Waarschuwing voor Gaming Innovationg Group brands

NOGP investigates malicious practices of Gaming Innovation Group Ltd. This is the company behind the brands Rizk Casino, Guts Casino, Thrills Casino, High Roller Casino, Betspin Casino, Super Lenny Casino and Kaboo Casino. The reason for this is that this company does not meet its financial obligations to partners and invents the most ridiculous rules for its partners to put as much money as possible in its own pocket. We have also received various complaints from players at the casinos of Gaming Innovation Group Ltd. So we want to warn everyone not to work with this company for the time being and certainly not to play at one of these brands until you hear from us.

Complaints from players.

We don’t just put casinos on our blacklist list but we have already received quite a few complaints from players. This mainly concerns payouts that are not forthcoming, with the reason that a VPN is used. They also dare to close the players account and then no longer communicate. We are investigating these complaints and hope to come up with further information soon. If you have a complaint about Rizk, Guts, Thrills, Kaboo, Betspin, Super Lenny or High Roller Casino please contact us directly or post it on our casino forum. We take all complaints into account in our investigation into malicious practices of this company.

Gaming Innovation Group Ltd. brands

The warning applies to all the above brands

Affiliate accounts closed and deleted

Affiliate accounts of partners are also closed without any further communication without reason or communication. It seems that this company mainly closes accounts of partners and players when something does not go their way and often does not state a reason. When a reason is asked, a response is made tens of days later, or often no response at all.

Gaming Innovation Group Ltd. want to go for a Dutch license

Gaming Innovation Group Ltd. want to go for a Dutch license and has therefore made up some ridiculous rules for a few partners. The rules that we can agree with are the following:

  • It is not allowed to advertise with the brands on .nl or .be domain names.
  • It is not allowed to target the Dutch player only.
  • The brands may not be linked to Dutch payment methods such as iDeal

A number of ridiculous rules have also been devised:

  • For example, a website may not have the Dutch language, even when the English language has been added and the brands are only on the English site
  • The brands may not be on sites at online casinos that accept Dutch players (the strange thing is that all online casinos from Gaming Innovation still accept Dutch players).
  • Alle partners die na 18 mei 2019 nog Nederlandse spelers werven krijgen hier geen commissie meer over (dit is stelen)

NOGP went against these ridiculous rules with the result that our partner account at GIGaffiliates has been deleted without any communication.

Complaint with the Dutch Gaming Authority

If you have a complaint as a player, you can file a complaint with the Dutch Gaming Authority. Malicious companies such as Gaming Innovation Group Ltd. may not receive a Dutch license. It seems that this company is only thinking of its own wallet without thinking of the consequences. In our view, imposing ridiculous rules for partners and meanwhile accepting Dutch players themselves is impossible. We are investigating this matter and will let you know more about this soon. Perhaps all brands will be placed on our casino blacklist. For now: don’t play at these online casinos. A warned person counts for two.


We sent an email three times last week to which we have not received a response. We have given them until Friday 12-07-2019 at the latest for a good reason why our account has been deleted. If we do not receive a response to this and if the complaints from the players we have received are not resolved, the brands are guaranteed to be placed on our casino blacklist.

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