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You no longer have to leave the house to play bingo. You can play bingo on the internet at home from your office chair or on the couch. We provide all the information you need before you start playing in this article. Think of bingo variants, game explanation, free bingo and more. You can also read reviews of online bingo rooms and you can post a review yourself or participate in our bingo forum.

Bingo has been an ancient game and has been played for decades. You have probably also taken part in bingo at the cafe on the corner. At bingo you can often win beautiful and fun prizes. Think of gift vouchers, flowers, a shopping package or even TVs and Playstations. This is slightly different with online bingo. When you start playing bingo on the internet you will soon see that decent cash prizes can be won here. In this article we try to give you as much information as possible about online bingo and we assess the best online bingo rooms.

Play online Bingo

When you start playing bingo on the internet you will quickly see a difference. In addition to the fact that you can win huge cash prizes, you often also receive a welcome bonus as a new player. Just like the cafe on the corner, it is also possible on the internet to play with multiple bingo cards at the same time. There are random numbers on your bingo card and the computer will always draw the numbers on the Internet (roll balls). A big advantage of online bingo is that you do not have to pay attention all the time, because the numbers are automatically removed from your bingo card (s).

On the internet we have different variations of online bingo. So you can alternate with which variant you want to play. Below you will find more information about the variants we know of bingo on the internet. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

    On a 75-ball bingo card, each box has a number except the middle box. The middle box is always empty in 75 ball bingo, for everyone. Most everyone will know the 75-ball bingo variant. In each bingo game 5 prizes can be won:

    • price for 1 line
    • price for 2 lines
    • price for 3 lines
    • price for 4 lines
    • price for full card

    The person who is the first to complete a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) wins the first line. On your 75 ball bingo card, you will also see that each row has a letter. When you read it from left to right you will see that it says BINGO. The numbers on your bingo card are arranged as follows:

    75 Ball Bingo

    Above you can see a 75 ball bingo card

    • Column 1 (B): five numbers between 1-15
    • Column 2 (I): five numbers between 16-30
    • Column 3 (N): five numbers between 31-45
    • Column 4 (G): five numbers between 46-60
    • Column 5 (O): five numbers between 71-75

    As you can see above, 75 numbers can fall, this also means that the game is played with 75 balls. Hence the name 75 ball bingo. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_tta_section]

    In the UK, the 90 -ball-bingo variant very popular. Unlike 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo (the name says it all) is played with 90 balls. The bingo cards of this variant consist of three rows and nine columns. Where you could win five more prizes with the 75-ball bingo variant, you can only win three prizes with this variant:

    • price for 1 line
    • price for 2 lines
    • price for full card

    When there are two or more winners, the prize will be split. Your 90-ball bingo card has nine columns that can be divided into:

    90 ball bingo card

    Above you can see a 90 ball bingo card

    • Column 1: numbers 1-9
    • Column 2: numbers 10-19
    • Column 3: numbers 20-29
    • Column 4: numbers 30-39
    • Column 5: numbers 40-49
    • Column 6: numbers 50-59
    • Column 7: numbers 60-69
    • Column 8: numbers 70-79
    • Column 9: numbers 80-90

    The 90 numbers that 90 ball bingo knows are divided over six bingo cards. No one bingo card can have the same number, so a 90-ball bingo card will have spaces that are not filled with numbers. In each row you will get five numbers and you will have four empty spaces that are randomly distributed.

    When you choose to play the 90-ball variant you will see that a progressive jackpot is often linked to this. You win this by crossing off all 15 numbers on your bingo card within 40 balls. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_tta_section] [/ vc_tta_tabs] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

    How does online bingo work?

    We have already explained in this article that online bingo is actually much easier than in a bingo hall, or at that cafe on the corner. This is because the numbers drawn are immediately canceled automatically. So you don’t have to concentrate fully on the song that is screamed unintelligibly by the microphone. During online bingo you can also chat with other players. So you no longer have to be silent while the number is called by the microphone. Online this is fully automatic and you have time to talk to other players.

    Play mobile bingo

    Of course, online bingo also moves with the times and it is also possible to play bingo via your mobile or tablet during this time. So it is easy to quickly buy a bingo card during the break from work and hope for a good price. In addition, it is also not necessary to download an app. At the bingo rooms below you can go directly to the mobile version of online bingo.

    Mega Ball Bingo Live

    Since 2020 it is possible to play the game Mega Ball Bingo Live. This is a live casino game from Evolution Gaming that can be played at almost any online casino. The game can be played at Boom Casino , Justspin Casino , Nitro Casino or N1 Casino, but also at all our other accredited Evolution Gaming Casinos. Curious how the game works exactly? Read our Mega Ball Bingo review or click on the image below.

    Mega Ball Live

    Click on the image to view our explanation of Mega Ball Live (Bingo)

    Where do I play online bingo?

    There is a lot of choice in online bingo rooms on the internet. We have sent our specialists on the road again to choose the best bingo rooms for you and here too a top list has been published. That is why you will find all safe, reliable and legal bingo rooms below. When you are a new player you also receive a nice welcome bonus. Read the reviews of our specialists and make your choice. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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